• My Student Online : Cloud based complete Solution

    Everything a student management needs to manage its most important asset its Academic

Offering one stop Online solution for small and medium businesses.

Customize My Student Online to suit your needs and reflect your brand.

System Implementation

Our experts will ensure that system is up and running smoothly for your school from day one, so you can start making impact right away.

Free Switching Service

Our Free Switching Service makes it easy to migrate your data from your old system over to our system, without any added hassle.

Online or On-Site Training

If you want to get your whole workforce up to speed with us at the same time, our experts can deliver training for your workforce either online or on-site.

Full service support desk

Our office hours (9am – 5pm) make it easy to find instant help, even if you have offices outside the UK/India.

Work Smarter, Work Better.

My Student Online is a cloud-based academic soluton that provides businesses with an easy way to arrange their day-to-day Online needs.

We understand that for many companies, managing their Online with spreadsheets can sometimes get in the way of the important stuff, like growing their business, which is why we’ve created My Student Online

Register As Student
Register As Parent
Register As Teacher
Admission Management
Announcement and Notice Board
Assessment & Gradings
Assignment Manager
Class & Subjects
Curriculum Manager
Document Management
Examination Manager
Fees Management
Finance & Invoicing
Fundraising & Campaign Management
Graduation & Certificates
Health Management
Hostel Management
Learning Management System
Library Management
Parent Hub
Project Management
Social Learning
Staff Hub
Student Activity
Student Hub
Teachers Hub
Time Table Manager
Venue Manager
Holiday Manager
Bank Manager
Expenses Manager
Security Manager
Profile and Permissions